Aaron Bodoh-Creed
Assistant Professor
Haas School of Business
University of California, Berkeley

Walter A. Haas School of Business
S545 Student Services Building
Berkeley, CA 94720


About Me

Curriculum Vitae

Primary Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Finance, Behavioral Economics
Secondary Fields: Political Economics, Organizational Economics


Bodoh-Creed, A. (2012) "Ambiguous Beliefs and Mechanism Design," Games and Economic Behavior, 75, p. 518-537.                         Correction to Ambiguous Beliefs and Mechanism Design

Bodoh-Creed, A. (2013) "Efficiency and information aggregation in large uniform-price auctions", Journal of Economic
, 148 (6), p. 2436 - 2466.

N. Augenblick and A. Bodoh-Creed (2017) "To Reveal or Not to Reveal: Privacy Preferences and Economic Frictions," Games
    and Economic Behavior
, forthcoming.
        Older Version (under title: Conversations About Type: Privacy, Grammars and Taboos)

Bodoh-Creed, A. and B. Hickman (2018) "College Assignment as a Large Contest," Journal of Economic Theory, 175,
    pp. 88-126.

Under Review

Costless Signaling with Costly Signals (with B. Douglas Bernheim) Abstract

Pre-College Human Capital Investment and Affirmative Action: A Structural Policy Analysis of U.S. College Admissions (with Brent Hickman) Abstract

How Efficient are Decentralized Auction Platforms? (with Brent Hickman and Joern Boehnke) Abstract
        Expanded Theoretical Version (under title: Approximation of Large Dynamic Games)
        R&R at Review of Economic Studies

Using Machine Learning to Explain Violations of the "Law of One Price" (with Joern Boehnke and Brent Hickman) Abstract
        R&R at Management Science

Optimizing for Distributional Goals in School Choice Problems Abstract
        R&R at Management Science

A Theory of Decisive Leadership (with B. Douglas Bernheim) Abstract
        R&R at Games and Economic Behavior

Institutional Selection, Building Trust, and Economic Growth Abstract
        R&R at Games and Economic Behavior

Mood, Memory, and Biased Beliefs and Actions Abstract
        R&R at Review of Finance

Working Papers

Risk and Conflation in Matching Markets (Online Appendix) Abstract

Simulating the Dynamic Effects of Horizontal Mergers: U.S. Airlines (with L. Benkard and J. Lazarev) Abstract

Works in Progress

The Dynamics of Base Rate Neglect (with D. Benjamin and M. Rabin) Abstract

Older Projects

Legal Competition in the Medieval World Abstract