Aaron Bodoh-Creed
Assistant Professor
Haas School of Business
University of California, Berkeley

Walter A. Haas School of Business
S545 Student Services Building
Berkeley, CA 94720


About Me

Curriculum Vitae

Primary Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics
Secondary Fields: Political Economics, Organizational Economics, Finance


Bodoh-Creed, A. (2019) Optimizing for Distributional Goals in School Choice Problems, Management Science, forthcoming.

Bodoh-Creed, A.; J. Boehnke; and B. Hickman (2019) How Efficient are Decentralized Auction Platforms?, Review of
        Economic Studies, forthcoming.
        Expanded Theoretical Version (under title: Approximation of Large Dynamic Games)

Bernheim, B.D. and Bodoh-Creed, A. (2019) A Theory of Decisive Leadership, Games and Economic Behavior,
        Conditionally Accepted

Bodoh-Creed, A. (2019) Institutional Selection, Building Trust, and Economic Growth, Games and Economic Behavior,
        114, pp. 169-176.
        Original submission with online appendices

Bodoh-Creed, A. (2019) Mood, Memory, and Biased Beliefs and Actions, Review of Finance, forthcoming.

Bodoh-Creed, A. and B. Hickman (2018) College Assignment as a Large Contest, Journal of Economic Theory, 175,
    pp. 88-126.
        Working Paper

N. Augenblick and A. Bodoh-Creed (2017) To Reveal or Not to Reveal: Privacy Preferences and Economic Frictions Games
    and Economic Behavior
, 110, p. 318-329.
        Older Version (under title: Conversations About Type: Privacy, Grammars and Taboos)

Bodoh-Creed, A. (2013) Efficiency and information aggregation in large uniform-price auctions, Journal of Economic
, 148 (6), p. 2436 - 2466.

Bodoh-Creed, A. (2012) Ambiguous Beliefs and Mechanism Design, Games and Economic Behavior, 75, p. 518-537.                         Correction to Ambiguous Beliefs and Mechanism Design

Under Review

Identifying the Sources of Returns to College Education Using Affirmative Action (with Brent Hickman) Abstract
        R&R at Econometrica

Using Machine Learning to Explain Price Dispersion (with Joern Boehnke and Brent Hickman) Abstract

Simulating the Dynamic Effects of Horizontal Mergers: U.S. Airlines (with C.L. Benkard and J. Lazarev) Abstract

Pervasive Signaling (with B.D. Bernheim) Abstract
        Previously circulated as "Costless Signaling with Costly Signals"

Working Papers

Base-Rate Neglect: Foundations and Implications (with D. Benjamin and M. Rabin)

Risk and Conflation in Matching Markets (Online Appendix)

Works in Progress

Incentives as Opinions

The Non-pecuniary Effects of College (with B. Hickman)

Older Projects

Legal Competition in the Medieval World Abstract