Asher I.G. Rose

Asher’s Childhood Travel Destinations

Final update: July 21, 2017




Asher began to travel when he was seven weeks old, and typically spent around four months a year outside the United States before college.  He spent time in 66 countries and territories, including all seven continents (ignoring airports and airspace, which don't count).  He saw 156 of the 1031 Unesco World Heritage Sites (linked), and some tentative WHSs (italics).  He visited seven of the eight wonders of the world: one ancient (Giza pyramids), and six of the seven modern (Chichen Itza; Christ the Redeemer; Colosseum; Great Wall; Machu Picchu; Petra; Taj Mahal).  He also experienced nine of Hillman's top ten wonders of the world (Pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Galapagos, Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu, Antartctica Cruise, the Serengeti Migration and Bali but not Iguazu), and 34 of Hillman's top 50.  Since Asher turns 18 in 4 days, this will be the last time I update his list.

1.     Antarctica

2.     Argentina (BA)

3.     Australia (Blue Mountains; Great Barrier Reef; Queensland Wet Tropics; Royal Exhibition Building; Sydney Opera House)

4.   Austria (Salzburg; Schonbrunn; Vienna; Wachau)

5.     Belgium (Beguinages; Grand Place; Belfries; Brugge; Horta houses; Antwerp)

6.     Belize (Blue Hole)

7.     Botswana (Okavanago Delta)

8.     Cambodia (Angkor)

9.     Canada (Old Quebec; Rideau Canal)

10.     Chile

11.     China (Forbidden City; Gardens at Suzhou; Great Wall; Hangzhou West Lake; Imperial Tombs; Summer Palace; Temple of Heaven)

12.     Croatia (Dubrovnik)

13.   Czech Republic (Cesky Krumlov)

14.     Denmark (Kronborg; Roskilide)

15.     Ecuador (Galapagos; Quito)

16.     Egypt (Historic Cairo; Thebes/Luxor; Memphis/Giza; Nubian Monuments/Philae/Abu Simbel)

17.     El Salvador  (Joya de Ceren)

18.     Estonia (Tallinn)

19.     Falkland Islands

20.     Finland

21.    France (Avignon; Beaune/Burgundy; Champagne; Chartres; Versailles; Fontenay; Fontainebleau; Loire; Orange; Paris; Reims; St. Denis; Vaux-le-Vicomte; Fontainebleau Forest).

22.   Germany (Berlin Housing Estates; Museumsinsel; Potsdam; Trier)

23.   Guatemala (Antigua; Tikal)

24.   Holy See (Ancient Rome; Vatican)

25.   Hong Kong, SAR

26.   Hungary (Budapest)

27.   India (Agra Fort; Elephanta Caves; Fatehpur Sikri; Hampi; Humayun’s Tomb; Jantar Mantar; QutbMinar; Pattadakal; Red Fort; Rajasthan Forts;Taj Mahal; Victoria Terminus)

28.   Indonesia (Borobudur; Prambanan; Yogyakarta Palace)

29.   Ireland

30.   Israel (Acre, Jerusalem; Masada; Tel Aviv; Bahai Temple)

31.   Italy (Agrigento; Cerveteri; Etna; Florence; Medici Gardens; NaplesPomepii and Herculaneum; Monreale; Pienza; Rome; Siena; Syracuse; Val d'Orcia; Venice; VeronaVilla Adriana; Villa d'Este; Villa Romana del Casale)

32.   Japan (Kyoto; Nara; Nikko)

33.   Jordan (Petra; Jerash; Wadi Rum)

34.   Kenya

35.   Laos (Luang Prabang; That Luang)

36.   Latvia (Riga)

37.   Luxembourg (Old Walled City)

38.   Macau (Historic Center)

39.   Malaysia (Melaka)

40.   Maldives

41.   Malta (City of Valletta; Hal Saflieni Hypogeum; Megalithic Temples)

42.   Mexico (Chichen-Itza, Mexico City; Uxmal)

43.   Mozambique

44.   Myanmar (Bagan)

45.   Netherlands (Amsterdam; Rietveld-Schroder House)

46.   New Zealand (Te Wahipounamu)

47.   Peru (Cuzco; Machu Picchu)

48.   Portugal (Hieronymites Monastery and Tower of Belem; Oporto)

49.   Rwanda

50.  Singapore (Botanical Gardens)

51.   Slovakia

52.  South Africa (Cape Floral Region Protected Areas, Fossil Hominid Sites, Robben Island)

53.  Spain (Avila; Caceres; Cordoba; Escurial; Gaudi; Granada; Merida; Salamanca; Santiago de Compostela; Segovia; Seville; Toledo; Jaen; Plasencia)

54.   Sri Lanka (Dambulla; Galle; Kandy; Polonnaruwa; Sigiriya)

55.   Switzerland (Berne)

56.   Taiwan

57.   Tanzania

58.   Thailand (Ayutthaya)

59.   Turkey (Historic Areas of Istanbul)

60.   Turks and Caicos

61.   United Kingdom (Canterbury, Greenwich; Kew Gardens; Tower of London; Westminster)

62.   United States (Grand Canyon; Independence Hall; Statue of Liberty; Yosemite; Brooklyn Bridge; Pt. Reyes; Washington Monument)

63.   Uruguay (Colonia)

65.   Vietnam (Hue; Hoi An; Thang Long)

65.   Zambia

66.   Zimbabwe (Mana Pools; Victoria Falls)

Here is a map of the countries he’s visited; the analogue for the 24 American States.

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