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Andrew K. Rose: Contacting Me


Dean and Distinguished Professor

Telephone: +65 6516-3075

On leave from:

Bernard T. Rocca Jr. Professor of International Business
Economic Analysis and Policy

URL: http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/arose

Business School

15 Kent Ridge Dr., Singapore 119245

Haas School of Business 

University of California, Berkeley   

Berkeley, CA 94720-1900

National University of Singapore

E-mail: bizdean@nus.edu.sg

Telephone: 510-642-6609

Facsimile: 510-642-4700

E-mail: andrewkrose@berkeley.edu


Updated: July 1, 2019

TO CONTACT ME: email is the default and preferred method.  I check my e-mail frequently, even when I travel. Click here to send me email at NUS. Click here to send me email at my (old) Berkeley email address. You may automatically receive a bounce-back "vacation" message that describes my trip briefly; many of my contacts are linked through my visiting scholar/experience page. Do not rely on my receiving voice-mail, faxes or (snail) mail promptly; but I will get them eventually.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: If you need to contact me for whatever reason, the most efficient way really is email (I'm pretty fast and usually connected).  You can also try my assistant Lim Pei Ling, telephone +65 6516-3198).  In extreme emergency, you can try my brother Ben or my wife Miriam.

If your business concerns:

Andrew K. Rose

Mail:  NUS Business School
National University of Singapore

Singapore 119245
Telephone:  +65 6516-3075
E-mail: bizdean@nus.edu.sg
Skype:  andrewkrose