Miriam’s Favorite Links

Last Updated: April 24, 2006



o         Yahoo Mail

o         Trish’s website

o         IMDB

o         Fragrancenet


o         Andy’s Links Page

o         Andy’s Quick Links Page

o         Asher’s website  baby  infant  toddler  3-yr old

Miscellaneous Links

o         Bentley  OFS

o         Berkeley Weather from Weather.com  (10-day forecast)  WUnderground  Weatherforyou

o         Claremont

o         Pacificare  Prescription Solutions  RelayHealth

o         Critical Consensus of Current Movies  Internet Movie Database

o         Credit Cards: American Express Card  Chase Online  Citibank Cards  Discover Card  Capital One

o         Mapquest Maps and Directions

o         Merriam-Webster Dictionary  Oxford English Dictionary

o         News: CNN  MSNBC  New York Times  SF Gate The New Republic

o         Foreign News: CBC  BBC  FT  Economist  International Herald Tribune

o         Travel:  Expedia  Orbitz  United Airlines 1K

·          UC for Yourself

·          US Navy (for Asher)  British Royal Navy  IVC Corp  Diving Machines  PBS Kids  EBay  Lego

·          Fidelity NetBenefits  Vanguard Group  College Savings Iowa

o         Wells Fargo Bank


o         Backups of Outlooks Calendar and Contacts (password-protected)