Marriage of Miriam Green and Andrew Rose

Posted: August 14, 1998

Miriam and I were married on the evening of Thursday August 13 on our deck.

It was a very small ceremony performed by our neighbor David Kessler (this being California, he is a Jewish minister in the Church of Universal Life. David wrote the words to the wedding ceremony himself.

 My dear friend Jessica Stern acted as the witness; Miriam and I first met at a party given in Jessie’s honor. She delivered the Seven Blessings.

We took a number of photographs: the wedding party beforehand … during the actual service. Miriam looked sweet. I got to smash a bulb after Jessie read the blessings. The ritual kiss. Then we got to drink champagne and admire the flowers. Miriam and I look serious; Jessie and David look relieved.

We hope that you understand our desire for a low-stress legal confirmation of our long-standing commitment to one another, and share in our joy. In keeping with the cyber-spirit which has always been an integral part of our relationship, we prefer e-congratulations (e.g., from Blue Mountain, or Regards, or perhaps 123 Greetings, or even Postcards from the Web), and are taking a telephone vacation during our weekend honeymoon.

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