ANDREW K. ROSE: Picture Gallery

Ben Hermalin, my fearless ex-leader. Ben used to fearlessly lead the EAP group shown here and also here. Now he is the boss of Haas bosses.

Severin Borenstein, the most recent person to join EAP now leads EAP.

Rich Lyons, my partner in international finance, one of the fearlessly lead.

Matt Spiegel, my Scotch-Tasting partner.

Charles Engel, JIE co-editor and NBER collaborator.

Charles Wyplosz, Euro-collaborator.

Lars Svensson, Clausen Center Visitor and friend.

Miriam Green, my partner.

Our new house on Vicente Canyon, which has a kitchen, a living room which can be seen from many places, an entrance, a set of Shoji screens, some decks, a bedroom or two, the beauty of Ted Ellison's glass, including his "Not a Mockingbird" (here's a link to his site) and (once upon a time) a "sale pending" sign. PS: There's also a security system.

Miriam and I have recently traveled to: Galicia ... Burgos ... Lisbon ... Budapest ... Annapolis Italy (where we spent the Fall in Tuscany and met new friends) Hong Kong ... and Pt. Reyes. In late 1998, we visited the South Island of New Zealand, where we walked on Franz Josef Glacier, went to Milford Sound, and walked the "Grand Traverse" which consists of the Greenstone Valley walk and the Routeburn walk, together with side-trip to places like Key Summit; we had nice views of the Hollyford Valley, saw many waterfalls, and crossed many swing bridges.

Me, casual; or formal.