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Ashok Bardhan





                            PhD (Economics), UC,  Berkeley, USA

                           M.Phil. (International Relations), J.N.U., New Delhi, India        

                           M.S. (Physics/Math), P.F.U., Moscow, Russia

Selected Papers and Publications:


Bardhan, Ashok, Dwight Jaffee and Cynthia Kroll, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Offshoring and Global Employment,” Oxford University Press,                                                                                                  2013

Introductory Chapter 1: “The Global Lessons of Offshoring


Bardhan, Ashok, Robert Edelstein and Cynthia Kroll, eds., Global Housing Markets: Crises, Policies, and Institutions – Essays from Around the World,” John Wiley & Sons,                                                  2011



Bardhan, Ashok, Dwight Jaffee and Cynthia Kroll, Globalization and a High Tech Economy: California, the US and Beyond”  (Springer)                                                                                                                       2004



          Bardhan, Ashok, Robert Edelstein and Cynthia Kroll A Comparative Context for US Housing Policy: Housing Markets and the Financial Crisis in Europe, Asia and Beyond” 

                 Paper prepared for the Bipartisan Policy Center, Washington DC. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2012

          Bardhan, Ashok, Dan Hicks and Dwight Jaffee, How Responsive is Higher Education? The Linkages between Higher Education and the Labor Market   Applied Economics,                                                                             2012

          Bardhan, Ashok and Cynthia Kroll. “Green Buildings in Green Cities”  Working Paper.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2011

          Bardhan, Ashok  and John Tang. "What Kind of Job is Safer? A Note on Occupational Vulnerability,"  The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Vol. 10 : Iss. 1 (Topics), Article 1.                                                             2010

          Bardhan, Ashok  and Richard Walker. “ California Shrugged: The Fountainhead of the Great RecessionCambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society                                                                                                                  2011

           Bardhan, Ashok; Hicks, Daniel; Kroll, Cynthia A.; Yu, Tiffany “The Past as Prologue? Business Cycles and Forecasting since the 1960s.”  Wharton Real Estate Review.                                                                                      2011

           Bardhan, Ashok . Housing and the Financial Crisis in the US : Cause or Symptom?” (Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Vol. 34, No.3, 2009)                                 2009

           Bardhan, Ashok. “Subprimes and Sundry Symptoms : The Political Economy of the Financial Crisis” in “Lessons from the Financial Crisis: Causes, Consequences and Our Economic Future” (Edited by Robert Kolb), John Wiley & Sons,                  2010.

           Bardhan, Ashok. And Dwight Jaffee. “Offshoring of Innovation: Causes and Policy Implications” in “Global Outsourcing and Offshoring: An Integrated Approach to Theory and Corporate Strategy (Edited by Farok Contractor, Vikas Kumar, Sumit Kundu and Torben Pedersen),  Cambridge University Press.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2010       

            Bardhan, Ashok, Robert Edelstein and Cynthia Kroll. The Housing Problem and the Economic Crisis: Evaluating Policy Prescriptions,” ( with Robert Edelstein and Cynthia Kroll), Homer Hoyt Institute,       2009

            Bardhan, Ashok. “The Twin Excesses and the Economic Crisis: The Quadrilemma of the Global Economy” (YaleGlobal Online, May, 2009)

            Bardhan, Ashok. And Robert Edelstein. “A Note on Real Estate Through the Ages: The Known, the Unknown, and the Unknowable” (In Diebold, Doherty, Herring, eds., The Known, the Unknown and the Unknowable in Financial Risk Management. Princeton: Princeton University Press, )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2010

            Bardhan, Ashok. Outsourcing and Offshoring in a Globalizing World:  A Review of Trends and Perspectives” (in Handbook of Technology Management; John Wiley & Sons)

            Bardhan, Ashok. “Mortgages May Be Toxic, But US Treasuries Appear a Safe Haven” ( YaleGlobal Online, December, 2009)

            Bardhan, Ashok. and Dwight Jaffee. The Yin and Yang of US Debt” (YaleGlobal Online; April, 2008;)

             Bardhan, Ashok and Dwight Jaffee. “The Impact of Global Capital Flows and Foreign Financing on US Interest Rates “ (Research Institute for Housing America;                                                                                            2007

             Bardhan, Ashok. Globalization, Job Creation and Inequality: Challenges and Opportunities on Both Sides of the Offshoring Divide” (for Vatuk Festschrift)

            Bardhan, Ashok., Robert Edelstein and Donald Tsang. “Global Economic-Financial Integration and Returns of Publicly Trade Real Estate Firms” , Real Estate Economics, Volume 36, Issue 2,                                       2008;

             Bardhan, Ashok. “Managing Globalization of R&D: Organizing for Offshoring Innovation Human Systems Management, Volume 25, No. 2,                                                                                                                                     2006

            Bardhan, Ashok and Cynthia Kroll."Emerging Sector in a Transition Economy; Global Linkages of the Russian Software Industry" ( Industry and Innovation; Volume 13, No. 1, 2006;

            Bardhan, Ashok, Branko Urosevic and Rasa Karapandza. “Valuing Mortgage Insurance in Developing Countries" ( Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics; Volume 32, No. 1, 2006;

             Bardhan, Ashok and Cynthia Kroll. “Services Export Opportunities for California” Working Paper. 2006            

             Bardhan, Ashok and Dwight Jaffee. "On Intra-Firm Trade and Manufacturing Outsourcing and Offshoring" (Edward Monty Graham. ed., The Role of Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Corporations in Economic Development ;           Palgrave, 2005;)

             Bardhan, Ashok and Dwight Jaffee. "Innovation, R&D and Offshoring"  (Research Report Fall 2005)       

             Bardhan, Ashok, Robert Edelstein and Robert Leung. "A Note on Globalization and Real Estate: The Impact of Openness on Urban Residential Rents" (“Journal of Urban Economics”; November, 2004,

             Bardhan, Ashok and Subhrajit Guhathakurta."Global Linkages of Sub-National Regions: US Coastal Exports and International Networks" ( "Contemporary Economic Policy"; April 2004.

             Bardhan, Ashok and Cynthia Kroll. "The New Wave of Outsourcing", (FCREUE Quarterly Report;  Fall 2003; (http://repositories.cdlib.org/iber/fcreue/reports/ )

             Bardhan, Ashok  and Samir Barua."The Real Estate Industry in India: A Potential Engine of Growth", (India Infrastructure Report 2004)

             Bardhan, Ashok  and Samir Barua. "Home Equity Conversion: The Prospects in India", ( "Economic and Political Weekly", July 26, 2003). 

          "Lingua Franca or Elite Dominance: A Linguistic Approach to Currency Competition" (Under review)

            Bardhan, Ashok , Rajarshi Datta, Robert Edelstein and L.S. Kim. "A Tale of Two Sectors: Upward Mobility and Private Housing in Singapore" ( "Journal of Housing Economics", v12, n2, June 2003 )

            Bardhan, Ashok and David Howe. "Globalization and Restructuring During Downturns: A Case Study of California" in Growth and Change, v32, n2, Spring 2001.


            Bardhan, Ashok and Dwight Jaffee. "Internet, E-Commerce and the Real Estate Industry" (In "Internet Encyclopedia", ed. Hossein Bidgoli; John Wiley & Sons, November 2003):

Ongoing Research:

      “Real Time, Unstructured Data and Predictive Analysis: Consumer Internet Behavior and  its  Economic Impact”

        “Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble: China’s Housing Market and the Global Economy”

        “ Innovation and the Manufacturing-Services Dichotomy: The Goods Content of Services and the Services Content of Goods””

        “Public Opinion, Animal Spirits and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: Impact of Language and Metaphors on Economic Activity”

         “All Economy is the Economy of Time: Productivity, Time-Value and the Matching Exercise”          

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