Brett Green
Assistant Professor
Finance Department


Assistant Professor
University of California-Berkeley
Haas School of Business

Research Interests
Information economics, financial economics,
corporate finance, contract theory.

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On duty (Office: F645)


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Information Spillovers in Asset Markets with Correlated Values  (with V. Asriyan and W. Fuchs)
American Economic Review, 2017, [107(7), 2004-40]
Slides   Supplemental Appendix
The Hot-Hand Fallacy: Cognitive Mistake or Equilibrium Response? Evidence from Major League Baseball  (with J. Zwiebel)
Management Science (forthcoming)
SSAC Research Paper Prize
Media Coverage: NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, ESPN, Priceonomics, Quartz

Working Papers

Securitization, Ratings, and Credit Supply  (with B. Daley and V. Vanasco)
R&R Journal of Finance
Bargaining and News  (with B. Daley)
Information Aggregation in Dynamic Markets with Adverse Selection (with V. Asriyan and W. Fuchs)
Security Design with Ratings (with B. Daley and V. Vanasco)
Liquidity Sentiments (with V. Asriyan and W. Fuchs) (updated draft coming soon)