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Job Market Candidate in Strategy, Business Economics, and Corporate Finance

Dr. Edward J. Egan

Edward J. Egan

Haas Business and Public Policy Group
Current Position: Innovation Policy Fellow, NBER
Cell: 617 487-1325
Office: 617 588-1401
Fax: 617 868-2742
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Curriculum Vitae


BSc (Hons), Physics, University College London
MSc, Business Administration, University of British Columbia
PhD, Business Administration, University of California Berkeley

Positions Held

2013 - present, Innovation Policy Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research
2012 - 2013, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Sauder School of Business, UBC
2005 - 2006, Sessional Lecturer, Sauder School of Business, UBC

Current Research and Interests

  • Economics of technological innovation and intellectual property rights
  • Financing of entrepreneurship: Venture capital, Angel investment, subsidization of entrepreneurship
  • Strategic management in high-technology firms
  • Determinants of value in initial public offerings and acquisitions of start-up firms
  • Policy concerning innovation and entrepreneurship

Selected Papers

  • Egan, Edward J. (2013), How Start-up Firms Innovate: Technology Strategy, Commercialization Strategy, and their Relationship, Job Market Paper. [wikipage,pdf]
  • Egan, Edward J. (2013), Venture Capitalists as Vendors of Complementary Components, Job Market Companion Paper. [wikipage]
  • Brander, James A. and Edward J. Egan (2013), Investor Expectations and the Role of Venture Capitalists in Acquisitions, University of British Columbia, Working Paper. Proceedings of the Annual Conference, Administrative Science Association of Canada, Banff, Alberta (June 06). [wikipage,pdf]
  • Egan, Edward J. and David J. Teece (2013), Patent Thickets: Taxonomy, Theory, Tests, and Policy, U.C. Berkeley Working Paper. [pdf]
  • Brander, James A., Edward J. Egan, and Louisa Yeung (2013), Estimating the Effects of Age on NHL Player Performance, Revise and resubmit to the Journal of Quantitative Analysis of Sports. [pdf]
  • Brander, James A., Edward J. Egan, and Thomas F. Hellmann (2010), Government Sponsored versus Private Venture Capital: Canadian Evidence, in "International Differences In Entrepreneurship", J. Lerner and A. Schoar, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA. [wikipage,pdf]


  • MBA 201A - Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
  • COMM 394 - Government and Business
  • COMM437 - Database Technology

Honors and Awards

  • Kauffman Foundation Dissertation Fellow, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation - 2012
  • C.U.S. Teaching Excellence Award Nominee, Sauder School of Business, UBC - 2012
  • Henry K. Hayase Award, PhD Program, Haas School of Business - 2012
  • Earl F. Cheit Outstanding G.S.I. Award, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley - 2010
  • Canadian Graduate Scholar, Government of Canada - 2008
  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellow, Government of Canada - 2008