Paul J. Gertler


Professor of Economics
Haas School of Business

University of California, Berkeley

Professor of Health Services Finance
School of Public Health

University of California, Berkeley

Faculty Director

Graduate Program in Health Services Management

University of California, Berkeley

Faculty Research Associate

National Bureau of Economic Research 

Cambridge MA


My Contact Information         

Address:  University of California 

                  Haas School of Business, #1900

                  Berkeley, CA 94720-1900 

Phone:    (510) 642-1418     
Fax:        (510) 642-4700


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  1. "Insuring Consumption Against Illness"  (2001) with Jonathan Gruber, published in the American  Economic Review March 2002, pp.51-70.

  2. “Empowerment and Efficiency: Tenancy Reform in West Bengal,”  (2001) , with Abihjit Bannerjee and Maitreesh Ghatak, published in the Journal of Political Economy April 2002, pp.239-280.

  3. "Schooling and Parental Death" with David Levine and Minnie Ames, forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics

  4. "An Experiment in Incentive Based Welfare: The Impact of Mexico's PROGRESA on Health" (April 2001) with Simone Peart Boyce 

  5. "Do Micro Finance/Savings Programs Help Families Insure Consumption Against Illness"  (September 2001) with David Levine and Enrico Morreti

  6. "Who Benefits From Social Health Insurance in The Philippines?" (Revised March 2002) with Orville Solon

  7. "Child Height and the Quality of Medical Care" (Revised March 2002) with Sarah Barber

  8. "Strategic Integration of Hospitals and Physicians" (Revised May 2002) with Alison Evans Cuellar 

  9. "Ownership, Efficiency and the Market for Hospitals" (Revised May 2002) with Jennifer Kuan

  10. "Did Industrialization Destroy Social Capital in Indonesia" (Revised June 2002) with Edward Miguel and David Levine 

  11. "Water for Life: The Impact of the Privatization of Water Services on Child Mortality in Argentina" (Revised January 2003) with Sebatian Galiani and Ernesto Schargrodsky 

  12. "The Presence and Presents of Parents: Do Parents Matter for More than Their Money" (February 2003) with David Levine and Sebastian Martinez

  13. "Sex Sells, but Risky Sex Sells for More," (February 2003) with Manisha Shah and Stefano Bertozzi