Dwight M. Jaffee: Teaching Home Page


Booth Professor of Banking and Finance
Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Member, Haas Real Estate Group,  Haas Finance Group,
Chairman, Haas Real Estate Group
Co-Chair, Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics
Academic Status 2005-2006: On duty

Tel:     510-642-1273
fax:     510-643-7441
Email: jaffee@haas.berkeley.edu

  Other Links

        My Official Haas School Webpage

        My Group Homepages: Real Estate, Finance      

        My Research homepage

        My Curriculum Vitae (in PDF format)

Regular Teaching (as of 2012-2013)

BA280, Introduction to Real Estate (MBA)

BA230M    Asset-Backed Securitization (in Haas/Finance MFE program)

PhD      289a PhD Real Estate Course

PhD      289s Real Estate Research Seminar and Ph.D. PreSeminar


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