Jose A. Guajardo

Assistant Professor

Operations and Information Management

Haas School of Business

University of California Berkeley



Research Interests: Business Model Innovation, Business Analytics, Service Innovation, Operations Strategy, Operations-Marketing Interface




Guajardo, J.A. 2017. Third-Party Ownership Business Models and the Operational Performance of Solar Energy Systems. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, forthcoming.

Guajardo, J.A., M.A. Cohen. 2017. Service Differentiation and Operating Segments: A Framework and an Application to After-Sales Services. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, forthcoming.

Guajardo, J.A., M.A. Cohen, S. Netessine. 2016. Service Competition and Product Quality in the U.S. Automobile Industry. Management Science, 62(7) 1860–1877.


Guajardo, J.A., M.A. Cohen, S.-H. Kim, S. Netessine. 2012. Impact of Performance-Based Contracting on Product Reliability: An Empirical Study.Management Science, 58(5) 961-979.

Guajardo, J.A., R. Weber, J, Miranda. 2010. A Model Updating Strategy for Predicting Time Series with Seasonal Patterns. 2010, Applied Soft Computing, 10(1) 276-283.

Guajardo, J.A., J. Miranda, R. Weber. 2006. A Forecasting Methodology using Support Vector Regression and Dynamic Feature Selection. 2006, Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, 5(4) 329-335.



Working Papers


Business Models in the Sharing Economy: Manufacturing Durable Goods in the Presence of Peer-to-Peer Rental Markets (with Vibhanshu Abhishek and Zhe Zhang)


Mobile Technology and Social Media in Retail: Decomposing the Value of Geolocation Information (with Marcel Goic)


Rent-to-own Business Models in Developing Economies: Consumer Behavior and Repayment Performance