Jose A. Guajardo

Assistant Professor

Operations and Information Technology Management

Haas School of Business

University of California Berkeley


Research Interests: Business Model Innovation, Service Operations, Sustainable Operations, Operations Strategy, Operations-Marketing Interface, Business Analytics




Guajardo J.A. 2019. How Do Usage and Payment Behavior Interact in Rent-to-Own Business Models? Evidence from Developing Economies. Production and Operations Management, 28(11) 2808–2822.


Guajardo J.A. 2018. Third-Party Ownership Business Models and the Operational Performance of Solar Energy Systems. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 20(4) 788–800.

Guajardo J.A., M.A. Cohen. 2018. Service Differentiation and Operating Segments: A Framework and an Application to After-Sales Services. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 20(3) 440454.

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Working Papers


Business Models in the Sharing Economy: Manufacturing Durable Goods in the Presence of Peer-to-Peer Rental Markets (with Vibhanshu Abhishek and Zhe Zhang)


Diffusion of Off-Grid Energy Products in Developing Economies with Pay-As-You-Go Business Models: Descriptive Empirical Analysis

How Does the Value of Geolocation Information Vary Across the Purchase Funnel? (with Marcel Goic and Liye Ma)

Firm versus Friends: Assessing the Impact of Recommendations in Mobile Environments (with Marcel Goic and Liye Ma)