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Jake and Nicole Lyons: Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of Nicole and Jake, the (relatively) recent additions to the familiy. Note: to get from any photo back to this menu, just click on "Back" at the top of your screen.

Nicole arrived on 2/22 [2003]

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Mom Shooting Black and White Photos of Jake

  • The overalls leg swing.
  • Yanking the chain on campus.
  • Did you say something to me?
  • Just another bike loop.


  • Down the stairs the hard way.
  • Dad, I don't buy it.
  • My neck can't quite support this hat.
  • Who's the ham in the background?

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Jake's Second Year

  • Pssst. . . Mommy and Daddy think I'm asleep.
  • Who needs teeth when you have a butt this good.
  • It's hard to be tough with a quilted ball.
  • Swimming in Scottsdale with Daddy. . . now that's my idea of a winter break.
  • I've heard that your legs look thinner if you sand like this.


  • Whatever you do, DON'T show this to Ava!
  • Here's me and my buddy Grant in New York City at Carnegie Hall.
  • Do you think this position makes my face look fat?
  • I dreamt I was dancing the jig while hundreds of frogs jumped on my body.
  • Hey, you, with the camera -- I'm not going to get any cuter.


  • Your tour guide at Crater Lack, Oregon.
  • On the slide at my neighborhood park.
  • Here I am dressed up for Halloween.
  • . . . and here I am on Halloween night.
  • Having fun on a campus walk.


  • Would you like to see my lucky rocks?
  • Thanksgiving 2001 in Palm Springs.
  • Think of it as a Harley for tots.
  • Family Christmas photo #1.
  • Family Christmas photo #2.


  • Riding on Daddy's shoulders.
  • Climbing up the stairs.
  • Here Dad, let me show you how it's done.
  • Ava racks them up.
  • Christmas 2001 at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

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Spring 2001

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Some Fall 2000 Moments

  • I just learned to sit up.
  • I just love this little bear.
  • How am I supposed to sleep with this baby breathing on me?!?!
  • I think I'm handling this first beer pretty well.
  • Be thankful we didn't add audio.


  • Sunbathing in Hawaii.
  • Gosh, I hope these thigh creases aren't permanent.
  • I can walk with a little help from daddy.
  • Now I'm helping daddy walk.
  • Me and my dog Taylor.


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Our Summer 2000 Trip to Europe

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The First Month

  • Of course I know how to eat. Does it look like I was born yesterday?
  • Now that's a ballplayer.
  • Don't think I couldn't SNAP into action if necessary.
  • God bless Mommy and Daddy and thank you for milk and please make my belly-button an inny.

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Richard K. Lyons
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Tel: 510-642-1059
Fax: 510-642-4700


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