Marketing Research


The potential for marketers to collect and analyze marketing data has never been greater. Accordingly, the ability to generate and deal with data and make data-driven decisions is becoming an increasingly necessary part of marketing. This class will equip you with tools in marketing research that can be used to generate actionable insights. Because information collection is costly, it is important to understand when it is and when it is not worthwhile conducting marketing research. More information does not always imply higher profit! [Syllabus]

UGBA 161

This is the undergraduate section of marketing research. Marketing research is about collecting quality information for data-driven managerial decision-making. Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, calls data scientists, “the sexiest job of the 21st century”. If you like data and quantitative methods, this course will help you understand how to turn data into business insights. If you are afraid of data and quantitative methods, this course will demystify the process and clarify the role of data in business.

Past Marketing Research Projects

One of the most valuable aspects of the marketing research course is the opportunity to interact with, and provide assistant to, businesses that have data needs. These projects provide direct experience in learning how to provide actionable data to inform business decisions, which are as important for startups as they are for large corporations.

For students, these projects provide hands-on experience in interacting with clients and first-person view of real-world application of data and research. For companies, we provide a team of students from one of the top MBA programs in the country.

Below you can find some of our past clients. As some companies do not allow public testimonials, please contact Prof. Hsu if you like to be put in contact with one of the managers we worked with.
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