Comments and Keynote Presentations

2017: World Bank/CGAP & IPA Conference on Consumer Protection in Digital Financial Services for Developing Economies
"FinTech in Developing Economies: Regulating the Frontiers in Digital Financial Services?"

2016: Federal Reserve Board Conference on Financial Innovation: Online Lending to Households and Small Businesses:
"Lending Markets in Transition?"

2016: CREDIT Conference Università Ca' Foscari Venezia:
Lending Markets in Transition: Platforms, Borrowers & Investors

2016: Comment Letter to the CFPB on proposed payday lending rules

2016: FTC Workshop:
"Putting Disclosures to the Test

2010: Federal Reserve Forum on Consumer Research & Testing:
"Tools for Evidence-based Policymaking in Financial Services"


Recent Discussions

2018: Texas Finance Festival
B. Valee and Y. Zeng -- "Marketplace Lending: A New banking Paradigm"

2018: AFA
C. Hwang, S. Titman, and Y. Wang -- "Investor Tastes, Corporate Behavior and Stock Returns: An Analysis of Corporate SocialResponsibility"

2017: SEC Financial Regulation Conference
I. Liskovich and M. Shaton --"Borrowers in Search of Feedback:Evidence from Consumer Credit Markets”

2017: Southern California Private Equity Conference
P. Schultz and S. Shive --"Limited Partners and the LB0 Process”

2017: AFFECT Conference Miami
C. Bustamente and L. Fresard --"Does Firm Investment Respond to Peer’s Investment?”

2016: NBER Household Finance
J. Gathergood, S. Hunt, and B. Guttman-Kenney – “How Do Payday Loans
Affect Consumers?”

2016: UC Davis Household Finance Conference
J. Brown and A. Previtero – “Saving for Retirement, Annutities and Procrastination"

2015: NBER Household Finance Summer Institute
A. Hertzberg, A. Liberman, and D. Paravisini – “Adverse Selection and Maturity Choice in Consumer Credit Markets: Evidence from an Online Lender”

2015: NBER Law & Economics
R.J. Jackson, Jr., W. Jiang and J. Mitts – “How Quickly Do Markets Learn? Private Information Dissemination in a Natural Experiment”

2015: European Finance Association
S Dimmock, W. Gerken, and N.Graham – “Is Fraud Contagious? Career Networks and Fraud by Financial Advisors”