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Terrance Odean 

Rudd Family Foundation Professor of Finance
Haas School of Business
545 Student Services #1900
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1900

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Current Research

  Previous photo (1996)

Disposed to be Overconfident, with Katrin Gödker 

Retail Trades Positively Predict Returns but are Not Profitable, with Brad Barber and Shengle Lin.

Easy Money, Cheap Talk, or Spuds: Inducing Risk Aversion in Economics Experiments, with Hans Hvide and Jae Ho Lee.

Leveraging Overconfidence, with Brad M. Barber, Xing Huan, and Jeremy Ko.

Mediating Investor Attention, with Brad Barber and Shengle Lin.

Stock Repurchasing Bias of Mutual Funds with Mengqiao Du and Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi

Values in Finance, with Renée Adams and Brad Barber.

Family, Values, and Women in Finance, with Renée Adams and Brad Barber.

Scam the Declined or Declined to be Scammed: A Model of Financial Choice in the Presence of Cognitive Decline, with Simon Gervais

Published Works

Attention Induced Trading and Returns: Evidence from Robinhood Users, with Brad Barber, Xing Huang, and Christopher Schwarz, forthcoming Journal of Finance.

Learning, Fast or Slow with Brad Barber, Yi-Tsung Lee, Yu-Jane Liu, and Ke Zhang, Review of Asset Pricing Studies 2019, 10, 61-93.

STEM Parents and Women in Finance, with Renée Adams and Brad Barber, Financial Analysts Journal 2018, 74, 84-97.

Made Poorer by Choice: Worker Outcomes in Social Security v. Private Retirement Accounts, with Javed Ahmed and Brad Barber, Journal of Banking and Finance, 2018, 92, 311-322..

Which Risk Factors Matter to Investors? Evidence from Mutual Fund Flows, with Brad Barber and Xing Huang, Review of Financial Studies 2016, Volume 29, 10, 2600-2642.

Bubbling with Excitement: An Experiment, with Eduardo Andrade and Shengle Lin, Review of Finance, 2016, Vol. 20, 2, 447-466.

The Cross-Section of Speculator Skill: Evidence from Taiwan with Brad Barber, Yi-Tsung Lee and Yu-Jane Liu, Journal of Financial Markets, 2014, Vol. 18, 1-24.

The Behavior of Individual Investors with Brad Barber, in Handbook of Economics of Finance, Volume 2, 2013, edited by George
Constatinides, Hilton Harris, and Rene Stulz, Elsevier Publishing

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A Comparison of the Results in Barber, Odean, and Zhu (2006) and Hvidkjaer (2006)

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"The Internal Call Market: A Clean,Well-Lighted Place to Trade,"
with Frederick Grauer, in W. Beaver and G. Parker (eds), 1995, Risk Management: Problems & Solutions, McGraw-Hill, New York.

I am a former director of UC Berkeley's Xlab

and a former editor of The Review of Financial Studies. .