Ross Levine


"Bank Regulation and Supervision in 180 Countries from 1999 to 2011" by James R. Barth, Gerard Caprio Jr., and Ross Levine

In this paper and the associated database, we provide new data and measures of bank regulatory and supervisory policies in 180 countries from 1999 to 2011. The data include and the measures are based upon responses to hundreds of questions, including information on permissible bank activities, capital requirements, the powers of official supervisory agencies, information disclosure requirements, external governance mechanisms, deposit insurance, barriers to entry, and loan provisioning. The dataset also provides information on the organization of regulatory agencies and the size, structure, and performance of banking systems. Since the underlying surveys are large and complex, we construct summary indices of key bank regulatory and supervisory policies to facilitate cross-country comparisons and analyses of changes in banking policies over time.



It is best to use Excel 2011 or later.

Please, use the following reference, when referring to the database.

Barth, James R., Caprio, Gerard, Jr., and Ross Levine. 2013. "Bank Regulation and Supervision in 180 Countries from 1999 to 2011." National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 18733.
























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