Noam Yuchtman
Associate Professor, Business and Public Policy Group
UC-Berkeley, Haas School of Business
email: yuchtman at haas dot berkeley dot edu


“Teaching to the Tests: An Economic Analysis of Traditional and Modern Education in Late Imperial and Republican China”
forthcoming in Explorations in Economic History

“Labor Market Institutions in the Gilded Age of American Economic History”
forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook of American Economic History, edited by Louis Cain, Price Fishback, and Paul Rhode, Oxford University Press (with Suresh Naidu)

“Curriculum and Ideology”
forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy (with Davide Cantoni, Yuyu Chen, David Y. Yang, and Y. Jane Zhang)

“The Value of Postsecondary Credentials in the Labor Market: An Experimental Study”
American Economic Review, 106(3), 778–806 (with David J. Deming, Amira Abulafi, Claudia Goldin, and Lawrence F. Katz)

“Intergenerational Mobility and Institutional Change in 20th Century China”
Explorations in Economic History, 58, 44–73 (with Yuyu Chen, Suresh Naidu, and Tinghua Yu)

“Can Online Learning Bend the Education Cost Curve?”
American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 105(5), 496-501 (with David J. Deming, Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz)

Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Peer Effects: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Financial Decisions
Econometrica, 82(4), 1273-1301 (with Leonardo Bursztyn, Florian Ederer and Bruno Ferman)

“Medieval Universities, Legal Institutions, and the Commercial Revolution”
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 129(2), 823-887 (with Davide Cantoni)

“The Political Economy of Educational Content and Development: Lessons from History”
Journal of Development Economics, 104, 233-244 (with Davide Cantoni)

“Crime, Punishment, and Politics: An Analysis of Political Cycles in Criminal Sentencing”
Review of Economics and Statistics, 95(3), 741-756 (with Carlos Berdejo)

“Coercive Contract Enforcement: Law and the Labor Market in 19th Century Industrial Britain”
American Economic Review, 103(1), 107-144 (with Suresh Naidu)

Working papers:

“Are Protests Games of Strategic Complements or Substitutes? Experimental Evidence from Hong Kong's Democracy Movement”
(with Davide Cantoni, David Y. Yang, and Y. Jane Zhang)

“Political Identity: Experimental Evidence on Anti-Americanism in Pakistan”
(with Leonardo Bursztyn, Michael Callen, Bruno Ferman, Saad Gulzar, and Ali Hasanain)

“Reformation and Reallocation: Religious and Secular Economic Activity in Early Modern Germany”
(with Davide Cantoni and Jeremiah Dittmar)

“The Fundamental Determinants of Anti-Authoritarianism”
(with Davide Cantoni, David Y. Yang, and Y. Jane Zhang)


Political Economy Perspectives on Business and Public Policy: Empirics (PhD)
Data and Decisions (MBA)
Research and Theory in Business: Behavioral Science (PhD)
Introduction to International Business (undergraduate)
The Economics of Institutions (PhD)