Steve Tadelis - Courses

Below you will find links to courses that I teach. You will need an Acrobat file viewer in order to view some of the documents (and print them).

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Econ 206: Mechanism Design and Agency Theory

This is a second year PhD class in economics taught through the Economics Department at Berkeley. It covers basic models of mechanism design with a single principal and one or many agents, with applications to hidden information and hidden action scenarios.

Econ 224/PHDBA279D: The Economics of Institutions

This is a second year PhD class in economics taught both through the Economics Department and the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. This course is aimed at PhD students in Economics and in Business and Public Policy with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of economic and political institutions, and their influence on economic activity. The course will provide students with conceptual and theoretical frameworks that have wide applicability, with an eye toward applying these frameworks to understand observable phenomena, guide strategy and inform policy.

PHDBA279B: Incentives and Organization in Markets

This is a second year PhD class covering topics in incentive theory and the economics of organization. It is taught through the Business and public Plicy group in Berkeley's the Haas School of business. This class is co-taught with Professor John Morgan from the Haas School. My part covers basic models of dynamic incentives through career concerns and reputation effects, as well as selected topics in the organization of production and internal incentives in firms.