The goal of this exercise is to experiment with creating a single org file that can be used to create either an article or a Beamer presentation without any changes to the file itself, the choice based purely on whether the org file is exported to LaTeX or Beamer.

It is important to be able to output text conditionally, so that the article can contain text that doesn’t appear in the Beamer slides and vice versa. I handle this using the extremely useful LaTeX package versionPO.sty, which I’ve included below as it’s not part of the standard LaTeX distribution. This package was written by Piet van Oostrum in about 1991 and originally named version.sty. I renamed it versionPO.sty to avoid possible conflicts with a different version.sty that is in the standard LaTeX distribution. There are several standard packages that do similar things to this one, including version, versions, optional, and comment. Feel free to use one of these instead (editing the definitions in the org file accordingly)