Associate Professor of Marketing
Egon & Joan Von Kaschnitz Distinguished Professor
Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

How to say my name? Answer: Przemek (pronounced as Pshemek)

Contact information

Office number: F687
Phone: 510-643-7183
Mailing address: Haas School of Business
2220 Piedmont Avenue
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1900


Research areas: Industrial Organization, Quantitative Marketing, Dynamic Games.

Published Papers Co-authors Journal
Empirical Model of Dynamic Merger Enforcement -
Choosing Ownership Caps in U.S. Radio
Management Science
Skimming from the bottom: Empirical evidence of adverse selection when poaching customers E. Krasnokutskaya
O. Ceccarini
(2019) Marketing Science, 38(4): 543-566
Advertiser prominence effects in search advertising S. Moorthy (2017) Management Science, 64(3): 983-1476
Mobile Money in Tanzania N. Economides (2017) Marketing Science, 36(6): 815-837 (lead article)
Dynamic Auction Environment with Subcontracting E. Krasnokutskaya (2016) RAND Journal of Economics, 47(4): 751-791 (lead article)
Oblivious Equilibrium for Concentrated
C. L. Benkard
G. Y. Weintraub
(2015) RAND Journal of Economics, 46(4): 671-708 (lead article)
What Makes them Click: Empirical Analysis of
Consumer Demand for Search Advertising
I. Segal (2015) American Economic Journal:
, 7(3): 24-53
Estimation of cost synergies from mergers:
Application to the U.S. radio
(2014) RAND Journal of Economics, 45(4): 816-846
Effects of mergers in two-sided markets:
The U.S. radio industry
(2014) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 6(4): 35-73
Structural models of complementary choices S. Berry, A. Khwaja,
V. Kumar, A. Musalem,
K. Wilbur, G. Allenby,
B. Anand, P. Chintagunta,
M. Hanemann, A. Mele
(2014) Marketing Letters, 25(3): 245-256
Working Papers Co-authors Status
Consequences of Dynamic Pricing in
Competitive Airline Markets
Nan Chen Submitted
How to "buy" honest reviews. Experimental evidence
of the impact of prices on online reviews
Konstantina Michelidaki Submitted
Sms Training and Micro-Entrepreneurship Performance William Fuchs
Ganesh Iyer
Nonstationary Oblivious Equilibrium C. L. Benkard
B. Van Roy
G. Y. Weintraub
Preliminary draft
Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in
a Dynamic Model of Auto Insurance
E. Krasnokutskaya
O. Ceccarini
Under review
E-mail for a draft
Quantifying Overdiagnosis in Mammography Screening
Using Individual Medical History
T. Ho
S. Reza
E-mail for a draft
Drafts is preparation Co-authors Status PDF Appendix
Impact of financial innovations on formation of
risk preferences and trust attitudes
Ganesh Iyer Draft
in preparation
Building human capital via business training in
environments with restricted agency
Ganesh Iyer Draft
in preparation
Impact of credit on performance of small retailers:
agency conflict and mis-selling
Ganesh Iyer Draft
in preparation
Buyer reviews and product quality investment Konstantina Michelidaki
Fan Zhang
in preparation


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Spring 2022 - MBA 263: Marketing Analytics