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Selected Teaching Materials

Lundholm and Sloan Website

MBA 222 Syllabus:  Financial Information Analysis


The following webcasts summarize concepts covered in MBA 222.
  1. Introduction
    1. Overview (Slides)
    2. ROI, ROE and Leverage (Slides)
  2. Accounting Analysis
    1. Overview (Slides)
    2. A Simple Example (Slides)
    3. Accounting Distortions (Slides)
  3. Financial Ratio Analysis
    1. Introduction (Slides)
    2. A Note on Timing Conventions (Slides)
    3. The Advanced Dupont Framework (Slides)
    4. Margin and Turnover Analysis (Slides)
  4. Cash Flow Analysis (Slides)
  5. Forecasting (Slides)
  6. Valuation
    1. The Cost of Capital (Slides)
    2. Valuation Models (Slides)
    3. Valuation Ratios (Slides)

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