Working Papers


WORKING PAPERS: (ordered by most recent revision)

"Corporate Provision of Public Goods" (with Justin Tumlinson)

"Self-Selection into Contests" (with Dana Sisak and Felix Vardy)

"On the Merits of Meritocracy" (with Dana Sisak and Felix Vardy)

"Experiments on the Social Value of Public Information" (with Donald J. Dale) Appendices

"Strategic and Natural Risk in Entrepreneurship: An Experimental Study" (with Henrik Orzen, Martin Sefton, and Dana Sisak), under invited resubmission Journal of Economics & Management Strategy

"Entrepreneurship and Loss Aversion in a Winner-Take-All Society" (with Dana Sisak)

"When Ignorance is Bliss, 'Tis Folly to be Wise: Transparency in Contests" (with Philipp Denter and Dana Sisak)

"Silence is Golden. Suggested Donations in Voluntary Contribution Games," (with Donald J. Dale)

"Horizontal Mergers of Online Firms: Structural Estimation and Competitive Effects," (with Yonghong An, Michael Baye, Yingyao Hu, and Matthew Shum), under invited resubmission Journal of Applied Econometrics

"Red Queen Pricing Effects in E-Retail Markets," (with Michael Baye)