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The Value of Connections in Turbulent Times: Evidence from the United States  
Journal of Financial Economics, 121(2), pp, 368-391.August 2016
with Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson, James Kwak and Todd Mitton

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Data and codes


The Value of Trading Relations in Turbulent Times
Journal of Financial Economics, 124 (2), 266-284. May 2017
with Marco Di Maggio and Zhaogang Sang
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Credit Induced Boom and Bust  
Review of Financial Studies, 30 (11): 37113758. November 2017 (Lead article and Editor's choice.)
with Marco Di Maggio

Interest Rate Pass-Through: Mortgage Rates, Household Consumption and Voluntary Deleveraging
American Economic Review, 107 (11), 3550-3588. November 2017
with M. Di Maggio, B. J. Keys, T. Piskorski, R. Ramcharan, A. Seru and V. Yao
(Note: this is a combined version of working papers Monetary Policy Pass-Through: Household Consumption and Voluntary Deleveraging by M. Di Maggio, A. Kermani and R. Ramcharan previously Revise & Resubmit at American Economic Review and Mortgage Rates, Household Balance Sheets, and the Real Economy by B. Keys, T. Piskorski, A. Seru, and V. Yao previously Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Political Economy)
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Deregulation, Competition and the Race to the Bottom
Management Science, Forthcoming
with Marco Di Maggio and Sanket Korgaonkar
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Does Skin-in-the-Game Affect Security Performance? Evidence from the Conduit CMBS Market
Journal of Financial Economics, Forthcoming
with Adam Ashcraft and Kunal Gooriah

The Relevance of Broker Networks for Information Diffusion in the Stock Market
Journal of Financial Economics, Forthcoming
with Marco Di Maggio,  Francesco Franzoni and Carlo Sommavilla
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How Quantitative Easing Works: Evidence on the Refinancing Channel
Review of Economic Studies, Accepted
with Marco Di Maggio and Christopher Palmer
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Stock Market Returns and Consumption
Journal of Finance, Forthcoming

With Marco Di Maggio and Kaveh Majlesi
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Working Papers:


The Importance of Unemployment Insurance as an Automatic Stabilizer
(R&R at AEJ:Macro)
with Marco Di Maggio


Cheap Credit, Collateral and the Boom-Bust Cycle