Past Courses

UGBA 106: Core Marketing

This is the core marketing course for the Haas Undergraduate Program and it also appeals to non-majors who have had at least one previous business course. The aim of the course is to provide a rigorous and comprehensive introduction to contemporary marketing practice. We have two broad aims for you as students: (1) thinking like a manager to assess all possible options in a situation and not be afraid to make choices, (2) focus on implementation and ask what would a manager actually do to achieve results given the strategy you propose? To achieve these two aims, we will teach you to: (1) understand marketing management, (2) generate insights from analysis and research, and (3) communicate these insights and work in teams to implement these insights. [Syllabus]

PHDBA 295D: New Perspectives in Biological Models of Decision-Making

This seminar will address challenges in advancing our scientific understanding of the biological basis of decision-making, and translational applications of this knowledge. Our knowledge of the biological basis of decision-making has exploded in the past decade. This has substantial implications for disorders that affect or are affected by decision-making deficits, including addiction, obesity, and a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

However, important pieces remain missing at both conceptual and translational levels, and there is still some ways from practical applications of this scientific knowledge. It is a well known but unfortunate fact that we still do not have a single biomarker of psychiatric disorders. Similarly, although there are now a number of marketing companies, their scientific underpinnings remain largely proprietary and unknown to the general community.