David Robinson



Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley


Office: F 502-N Haas School
Faculty Assistant: Kamylla Soares (510) 643-0621


Office Hours:
Fall Semester: Tuesdays 3:30 5:00 p.m.
Spring Semester: t/b/d
Summer: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30 11:30 am

and by appointment


E-mail: robinson@haas.berkeley.edu




         Curriculum Vitae

         Resume in Haas Style





         BioSheet Template Model

         Nameplate Template Model


All materials on bCourses

         ugba-106 Marketing

         ugba-167 Marketing Strategy

         MBA209f Business Fundamentals

Papers & Cases

         Customer Feedback 2015

         Segments of One 2015

         Freemium Pricing 2015

         Geely Buys LTI, 2016 Ivey Case Series

         J C Penney 2013 Haas Case Series

         Netflix: What Price Streaming?
2011 Haas Case Series

         Customer Loyalty: Best Practices,
Effective Executive, July 2011

         A Very Brief Introduction to the Time Value of Money, June, 2011

         Notes on Case Analysis, 2008

         A Primer on Risk and Uncertainty
(Full Version),
Rotman Magazine, Spring 2007

         Public Relations Comes of Age,
Business Horizons, May June 2006

         Three Cs, Maybe More, Haas Week 1999

         Annual Reports RIP, New York Times, 1998


Reading Suggestions

         General suggestions

         Marketing Books

         Business Communications



         Business Protocol 3/e
Cengage Atomic Dog, 2010


         PhD and MA Brown University

         MBA University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

         Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Oxford University, England

         BSc, Durham University, England