Amir Kermani

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Selected Conference Discussions

Sunderam, Adi, and David Scharfstein,
"Market Power in Mortgage Lending and the Transmission of Monetary Policy",
Econometric Society 2017

Favara , Giovanni and Marisassunta Gianetti,
"Forced Asset Sales and the Concentration of Outstanding Debt: Evidence from the Mortgage Market",
AFA 2016

Agarwal, Sumit, Jessica Pan, and Wenlan Qian,
"Age of Decision: Pension Savings Withdrawal and Consumption and Debt Response",
NBER East Asian Seminar on Economics, in SF Fed, June 2015

Monica Piazzesi and Martin Schneider,
"Housing and Macroeconomics",
Handbook of Macroeconomics Volume 2 in Stanford, April 2015

Adelino, Manuel, Antoinette Schoar, and Felipe Severino
"Changes in buyer composition and the expansion of credit during the boom",
UNC, April 2015

Giglio, Stefano, Matteo Maggiori, and Johannes Stroebel,
"Very long-run discount rates",
NBER Financing Housing Capital Meeting in Chicago, April 2014