Ned Augenblick
Assistant Professor
Haas School of Business
University of California, Berkeley

Mailing Address: 545 Student Services Building, 1900
Berkeley, CA 94720-1900
Office: F682

Curriculum Vitae     |     Research Statement

[Publications / Forthcoming]

An Experiment on Time Preference and Misprediction in Unpleasant Tasks
Review of Economic Studies, Accepted
(with Matthew Rabin)
   Online Appendix

To Reveal or Not to Reveal: Privacy Preferences and Economic Frictions
Games and Economic Behavior, Conditionally Accepted
(with Aaron Bodoh-Creed)
   Older Version

The Economics of Faith: Using an Apocalyptic Prophecy to Elicit Religious Beliefs in the Field
Journal of Public Economics, September 2016
(with Jesse Cunha, Ernesto Dal Bo and Justin Rao)
   Online Appendix       Data Files

Ballot Position, Choice Fatigue, and Voter Behavior
Review of Economic Studies, April 2016
(with Scott Nicholson)
   Data Files(@Restud)       Press: The Atlantic

The Sunk-Cost Fallacy in Penny Auctions
Review of Economic Studies, January 2016
   Online Appendix       Data Files(@Restud)       Press: Financial Times, NY Times          Older Version

Working Over Time: Dynamic Inconsistency in Real Effort Tasks
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 2015 [Editor's Choice]
(with Muriel Niederle and Charles Sprenger)
   Online Appendix       Data Files

Using Competition to Elicit Cooperation in a Political Public Goods Game: A Field Experiment
Economic Inquiry, January 2015
(with Jesse Cunha)


Short-Term Discounting in Unpleasant Tasks
   Preregistration Document on AEA Registry

Belief Movement, Uncertainty Reduction, and Rational Updating
(with Matthew Rabin)

[Coming Soon]

Restrictions on Asset-Price Movements Under Rational Expectations: Theory and Evidence   
(with Eben Lazarus)


Bad Associations: Protecting Trademarks from Dilution

Intelligent Biofeedback using an Immersive Competitive Environment
(with Daniel Bersak, Gary McDarby, Phil McDarby, Daragh McDonnell, Brian McDonald, and Rahul Karkun)

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