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After a long hiatus, oPENions is back. oPENions relies on you to supply the reviews! To contribute a review, either send me an e-mail at

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Why Use a Fountain Pen?

The most common question I'm asked when someone asks to borrow my pen.

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Occasional thoughts about fountain pens and other writing instruments including rants, reviews, and essays about pendom and our peculiar obsession.


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Good Guys

Many people sell fountain pens online, some good, some bad. Here are sellers with whom I've had good experiences in terms of price and service. (Please note that I receive no compensation from these endorsements.)

Paradise Pen
Martini Auctions

Montgomery Pens

And some eBay sellers who have worked out well:







Kaweco AL Sport 

I have been eyeing the Kaweco brand for some time now and have been intrigued by the historical significance of the Kaweco Classic Sport Collection.  I almost bought a Classic Sport just to see what all the fuss was about, but decided upon the little bit more expensive AL Sport in Black.

My Kaweco AL Sport (black) has turned into one of my top 5 favorite pens and one that I take with me every day wherever I go.   I purchased a chrome Kaweco clip with the intention of keeping in my shirt pocket, but in reality I carry it in my pants pocket with a more expensive pen in my shirt most days.

I love the coolness of the aluminum body and cap in addition to the added weight that the AL Sport has over the Classic Sport.  The size is the same as the Classic Sport and is functional enough to be used as an everyday pen yet still compact enough to not be a burden to carry with more







Sailor Marble Ebonite Professional Gear

From Sailor

This is a lovely old school styled pen. Made from Ebonite, the two most striking things about
 it are the swirls of color and the smell. Read the full review here.

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New to the world of fountain pens? Why not check out the Beginner's Guide. Everything you ever wanted to know about entry level fountain pens and how to avoid buying the wrong thing.

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Like numbers? The pen review spreadsheet provides a collection of Likert scale reviews of pens based on all sorts of characteristics. Add your own numerical review by filling out the pen review form.

Pen weights and measures provides vital statistics of many popular pens.

Under each of the pen manufacturers' sections at left are extensive reviews of some of the top pen models.

I will promptly post reviews to the relevant section of the site. Reviews should be informal and impressionistic. There is no set format. If you wish to include a picture of the pen reviewed, I will post that as well.

While I have listed a number of popular makes of fountain pens, I will gladly add makes as needed.

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Special Sections

Since the demise of Ikonpen, I make available some of the Ikonzine Reviews that would otherwise vanish into the ether. The reviews are culled from Google cached copies.

Where to Go from Here?

The Pen Q&A section takes on some of the biggest myths of pendom.

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