Curriculum Vitae

John Morgan



Oliver E. and Dolores W. Williamson Chair of the Economics of Organizations

University of California, Berkeley

Haas School of Business and Department of Economics


Office: F665


Mailing Address

545 Student Services Building, #1900

University of California

Berkeley, CA 94720-1900


Phone: 510.642.2669

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Papers are in PDF format. For some published papers, the documents are a late working paper as opposed to a published version.


"Horizontal Mergers of Online Firms: Structural Estimation and Competitive Effects," (with Yonghong An, Michael Baye, Yingyao Hu, and Matthew Shum), Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming



"The Power of Negative Thinking: A Model of Entrepreneurship, Aspirations, and Fear of Failure" (with Dana Sisak), Journal of Business Venturing, forthcoming.

"Strategic and Natural Risk in Entrepreneurship: An Experimental Study" (with Henrik Orzen, Martin Sefton, and Dana Sisak), Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, forthcoming.


"Who's Naughty? Who's Nice? Social Preferences in Online Industries," (with Mitchell Hoffman), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming.


“Majority Rule and Utilitarian Welfare,” (with Vijay Krishna), AEJ: Micro, forthcoming.


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WORKING PAPERS: (ordered by most recent revision)


"A Comment on 'The Welfare Effects of Public Information' by Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin" (with Donald J. Dale)


"Corporate Provision of Public Goods" (with Justin Tumlinson), under invited resubmission, Journal of Public Economics


"Self-Selection into Contests" (with Dana Sisak and Felix Vardy)


"On the Merits of Meritocracy" (with Dana Sisak and Felix Vardy)


"Experiments on the Social Value of Public Information" (with Donald J. Dale) Appendices


"When Ignorance is Bliss, 'Tis Folly to be Wise: Transparency in Contests" (with Philipp Denter and Dana Sisak)


"Silence is Golden. Suggested Donations in Voluntary Contribution Games," (with Donald J. Dale)



"Red Queen Pricing Effects in E-Retail Markets," (with Michael Baye)




"Persuasion," (with Patrick Hummel and Phillip C. Stocken)


"Costly Voting under Aggregate Uncertainty," (with Vijay Krishna)


"Transport Costs, Marginal Costs, and the Welfare from Trade," (with Justin Tumlinson)


"Meritocracy and Optimal Contest Design," (with Justin Tumlinson and Felix Vardy)









Ph.D., Economics, The Pennsylvania State University, May 1996

M.A., Economics, The Pennsylvania State University, December 1995

B.S., Economics, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, summa cum laude, May 1989




Industry and Government

Research Scientist, Yahoo!, 2008-2012

Consultant, Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Economics, 2000-2001

Certified Public Accountant, State of Pennsylvania 1991-1994

Senior Accountant, Grant Thornton, Bankruptcy and Forensic Accounting Group, 1989-1992



Faculty Director: Center for Executive Education, Haas School of Business, 2008-Present

Chair, MBA Program Committee, Haas School of Business, 2010-2014

Chair, Policy and Planning Committee, Haas School of Business, 2004-2008

Co-Director: Fisher Center for the Strategic Use of Information Technology, 2005-07

Founding Director, U.C. Berkeley Experimental Social Sciences Laboratory (Xlab), 2002-Present



External Fellow, The Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics, University of Nottingham, 2008-Present

External Fellow, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, 2008-Present

Visiting Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 2002-Present

Visiting Scholar, International Monetary Fund, 2005-08

W. Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellow, Hoover Institution, 2001-2002

Assistant Professor, Princeton University, Department of Economics and Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs, 1996-2002

Visiting Fellow, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, 1999-2001

Visiting Assistant Professor, New York University, Department of Economics, 1999

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Economics, 1998




Oliver E. Williamson Award, Haas School of Business, 2014 (1st awardee)

Earl Cheit Teaching Award 2006 (honorable mention 2005)

National Science Foundation Research Grant, 2004-2009, 2001-2004, 1997-1999

Trinity College Visiting Fellow Commoner Prize, Cambridge University, 2008

W. Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellowship, 2001-2002

Sloan Research Foundation Fellowship, 2000-2002

Russell Sage Foundation Research Grant, 1997-1999

Review of Economic Studies tour, 1996

Pennsylvania State University Graduate Fellowship, 1993-1995




Strategy (MBA)

Game Theory (MBA)

Microeconomics and Policy (MPA)

Auctions (UG)

Pricing (Exec Ed)

Product Management (Exec Ed)

Leadership (Exec Ed)

Innovation (Exec Ed)

Strategy (Exec Ed)

Information Economics (PhD)

Contract Theory (PhD)

Industrial Organization (PhD)




ASSA National Meetings, Duke, Northwestern, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UCLA, Caltech, International Monetary Fund, Berkeley, Penn, Rochester, UCL, Nottingham, Bank of England, Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Arizona, UCSC, UCSD




Editor, Berkeley Electronic Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 2008-2010

Co-Editor, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 2008-2014

Co-Editor, Berkeley Electronic Theory Journals, 2006-2008

Associate Editor, Games and Economic Behavior, 2014-Present

Associate Editor, Economic Journal, 2008-Present

Associate Editor, Economic Theory, 2005-2007

Associate Editor, Management Science, 2004-2009

Editorial Board, European Journal of Political Economy, 2008-Present

Editorial Board, California Management Review, 2003-Present


Refereeing includes: American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, RAND Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, National Science Foundation.